Top Five Moving Mistakes To Avoid

Moving can be stressful, but avoiding a few common mistakes can make the whole process a lot easier to bear. Here at McKeller & Sons, we’ve devised a handy list of moving mistakes that we see far too often, and how you should go about avoiding them. Doing this, along with enlisting the help of our professional services, will ensure that your move is as stress free as possible.

1. Last-Minute Packing

If packing is left too late then it will most likely be rushed and disorganised. Consequently, when it’s time to unpack, organising your possessions can become time-consuming – not a good start to life in your new home. Being meticulous in your packing will reduce the chance of tearing your hair out looking for related items when it’s time to unpack.

Boxes should be clearly labelled and each box should be used for specific items. If there are items that you find difficulty categorising then they should be placed in a box labelled ‘miscellaneous’.

2. Wanting To Move Too Much

Be realistic about how much you can take to your new home. It’ll also give you an excuse to deal with any clutter issues in your existing home. If you have to move a lot of items, then short term storage can be an option that will allow you to unpack at a less frenetic pace.

3. Poor Planning

Not thoroughly checking the size of the rooms in your new home can be a problem when you want to move in large items of furniture, for instance. Even when you manage to get the furniture into a specific room it may just look too big. A small kitchen can also prove to be problematic if there’s not enough room to house all your appliances.

4. Forgetting To Protect Fragile Items

A mistake that can be made when packing fragile items is not to pack them properly. A cardboard box is a cheap and useful way of moving items from one property to another, but it won’t offer much protection to your cherished porcelain figures if they haven’t been given individual protection. Be sure to stock up on bubble wrap, protective wrap and Styrofoam pieces to pack your breakables.

5. Going It Alone

You shouldn’t think that you can do everything all yourself. This can just result in your stress levels hitting the roof, and a more sensible option is to hire a respected removals company.

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