Perfect Packing: Essential Advice For Avoiding Moving Disasters

Moving home can seem like an incredibly daunting task, but poor planning can be the downfall of any move. It almost goes without saying that packing is an essential part of any move, which means that any issues that arise can cause you real problems.

Thankful, with these handy tips and our professional removal services here at McKellar & Sons, you’ll be able to move home and make the transition into your new property with complete ease.

1. Make Sure You Pack An ‘Essentials Box’

After you’ve finished moving, you’re not going to want to (or be able to!) unpack everything and get it set up straight away. That’s why it’s always a great idea to pack an essentials box for you to unpack on your first day, containing everything you need for a comfortable first night. Make sure it includes things like:

• A kettle
• Tea/Coffee/Hot drinks
• Snacks/easy-to-prepare food
• A couple of plates, cups and bits of cutlery
• Toilet paper, travel toiletries & a mini-first aid kit (plasters and painkillers)
• Washing up liquid, sponge & cloth
• Small tool kit – screwdrivers, spanners and a torch
• All-important takeaway menus and taxi numbers

2. Clear Out Unwanted Belongings To Avoid Unnecessary Packing

Since you’ll be gutting your current home to pack all our belongings, now is the perfect time to have a clear out while you pack. Before you put anything in a box questions whether you still want or need it, and when the last time you used it was – if you answer no, no or ‘I can’t remember’, then it’s worth popping it to the charity shop or giving it to a friend or relative.

3. Be Organised & Pack Sensibly

Organisation is absolutely key to any move, and that includes packing as well. Thankfully, our services here at McKellar & Sons are on hand to help you organise and carry out your move professionally and flawlessly, but there are a few things you can do yourself to make the process even easier.

Packing heavier items in smaller boxes, for example, will make them much easier to carry and move around and ensure you organise what you’re about to put into a box so that the heaviest items go from heaviest to lightest from bottom to top. Wrap items individually and make sure you clearly label the boxes with what room they’re from and what’s in them – numbering them can also ensure you don’t leave anything behind.

If you’re looking for reliable and professional help with moving house in Epping, Harlow, Essex or other surrounding areas, then call us here at McKellar & Sons Removals on 01992 561200 and let us help organise a perfect move.

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