Benefits of Self Storage When Relocating Abroad

From arranging visas to booking flights, there’s a long to-do list when moving overseas, especially if you have a house full of stuff to sort through. Hiring a storage unit is a great way to securely store your belongings until you are ready to ship them to your new home, or to keep your things safe while taking a gap year or sabbatical. Read on to discover more of the benefits of using self storage when relocating abroad.

1. Self Storage is Secure

Unlike a garage or shed, a self storage unit is a secure place to keep your stuff, with most good storage sites being protected by CCTV and alarm systems. As well as keeping items safe from theft, self storage can also prevent damage to your things, as each unit is designed to provide a cool, dry home for belongings and furniture.

2. Self Storage is Cost-Effective

Compared to the expense of shipping things you don’t need to your new home, self storage is a cost-effective option for those moving overseas. Perhaps you are moving into furnished accommodation, or maybe you are lucky enough not to need your winter wardrobe where you are heading. Either way, shopping around for a competitive price on self storage will allow you to hold onto the things you love while you are away, without spending a fortune.

3. Self Storage is For Long or Short Term Trips

Relocating to a new country is a big step, and you might not know for certain how long you will be away. Or you might be taking a sabbatical or gap year and be planning to return home after a few months. With flexible hire periods often available, self storage is suitable for both long and short term trips, whether you are planning years ahead, or taking each day as it comes. Many storage companies offer rolling contracts to allow you to pay-as-you-go for a storage unit, meaning your flexible plans won’t cost you more.

4. Self Storage Can Help With Decluttering

If relocating means selling your home in the UK, you may want to declutter before deciding what to take with you. A storage unit can provide the valuable extra space you need to sort through all of your belongings or a place to keep personal items if you are renting out your property while you are away.

5. Self Storage Makes Moving Easier

Moving your entire life to a new country at once is a challenge. However, hiring a storage unit will make it easier to move at a less stressful pace. With your belongings in storage, you can travel to your new home with just the must-haves, before arranging for the rest of your stuff to be shipped to you at a later date. If and when you return to the UK, having all of your things in one place will save you the hassle of collecting items from various locations if stored with friends and family.

Enquire About Self Storage

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Benefits of Self Storage When Relocating Abroad