5 Benefits of Storage Units

We recognise the value of storage units at McKellar & Sons Removals, whether you require storage while relocating or just a little additional space for your items. Storage is an excellent choice for whatever you require because it provides several benefits.


If you’re concerned about theft, consider renting a storage facility. Renting a storage container will give you peace of mind because only you will have access to it. To keep your valuables safe and secure, our storage warehouses have 24-hour CCTV and high-tech alarm systems in place.

Create More Space In Your Home

Are you looking to declutter your home? Seasonal items such as Christmas decorations, garden cushions, and patio furniture can be stored at our local storage units in Epping. Items like clothes, crafts, and old toys can also be stored. Putting these items away will create a clean and airy environment in your home, allowing you to relax and appreciate your newly coveted tidy home.


If you have a hectic schedule, storage facilities can provide flexibility because at Mckellar & Sons Removals we offer pickup and drop off services as well as short and long term storage. This helps you to squeeze more time out of your day by eliminating the headache of scheduling transportation.

Transition of Homes

Moving can be a stressful experience, but McKellar & Sons Removals can make the process go more smoothly. There is a lot to consider while moving to a new home, such as large appliances and furniture that must be disassembled and rebuilt. This process can take a long time, but you can put your possessions in a storage box and move between homes gradually. Making the big moving day less stressful by allowing you to plan and prepare ahead of time.


Storage can also be useful if you are temporarily relocating to rented housing or travelling internationally and require a secure and safe storage facility.

Business Storage 

Whether it’s for old archive records or merchandise, storage units can be a terrific base for businesses. At McKellar & Sons Removals these can be safely stored and retrieved as necessary. We offer storage containers of varying sizes available to accommodate whatever you need to store.


McKellar & Sons Removals, having warehouses in Chesthunt, Hertford, and Woodford, can assist you no matter what your storage needs are. Call 01991 561 200 or fill out our fast and easy contact form to speak with a member of our friendly team who can answer all of your burning questions.


5 Benefits of Storage Units